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Short scripts - Drama & Thriller

Available scripts (Click on the title for script details)

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Fabric  (Drama, 15 pages)

An officious accountant doesn't realise how important horologist is to village life.


Gift Horse (Drama/Thriller, 7 pages) REVIEW

What seems like a chance encounter turns out to be something much more sinister.

The Edison Doll (Drama, 5 pages)

Will a childhood toy deepen rifts or heal the pain of the past?

Perspectives (Drama, 5 pages)

The embers of despair prompt a desperate woman to action. 

Where the Heart is (Drama, 6 pages)
The spirit of Christmas must overcome those with hatred in their hearts.


With a Shake of the Head (Drama, 6 pages)

Two divers, running out of air, learn some uncomfortable home truths.


Doomsday for Denton (Drama, 6 pages) REVIEW

Some Legends are best observed from a safe distance.


So Little Done, So Much to Do (Drama, 6 pages)

A visit to the library takes a dark turn.


Ink Monkey (Drama, 4 pages)

One man must rely on an unusual friend to help him say his goodbyes. 


Poultice (Western/Drama 8 pages) REVIEW

A desperate woman is forced to trade with a wronged wise woman.


Teddy Bear  (Drama, 16 pages) REVIEW

An elderly immigrant moves to a quiet suburban street and finds prejudices follows him. 


Wild Flowers  (Drama, 4 pages) REVIEW

Can a killer bring a grieving couple back together?


The Girl in the Fence (Drama, 8 pages) REVIEW

An anomaly in an online photo opens a secret world for a childless couple. 


Scan (Dark Drama, 13 pages)

A soon to be father is terrified of the birth, due to his blindness, a 3D scan may help.


A Face in the Crowd  (Thriller, 10 pages) REVIEW 

A man works cataloguing the secrets of governments until one secret pushes back.


Stuffed (Dark Drama, 6 pages)  REVIEW

A distraught wife buckles under her husbands infidelity and seeks bloody revenge.


Love Locked (Dark thriller, 10 pages)  

Susie notices the first love lock on the bridge and tries to discover who put it there.


Doormat Smiles (Dark Drama, 15 pages)

S&M photos drop through the letterbox and set off a search for who's in the photos & why. 


Twisted Smile (Dark Drama, 10 pages) 

An old man with a penchant for murder has the tables turned by an unexpected guest.


Fridge Feeder (Dark Comedy/Drama, 10 pages)

A desperate woman turns to an AI fridge to help her diet, the fridge has other ideas.


A Furtive Response  (Drama,  8 pages) REVIEW  

A couple separated by loss discover a unifying secret.