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Feature scripts

Dr Psycho's Night of Terror (Horror/Comedy, 95 pages)

A possessed 3D printer resurrects Dr Psycho and some of his dead friends.

Runner up in Visceral Films/Land of Illusions/BAO script contest.


Lone Wolf (Drama/Thriller)

An injured stranger is nursed back to health, but the stranger is more than he seems. Filmed in India by OMKARA Productions. PRODUCED


Graft (SciFi/Horror, 95 pages)  

A grieving widow brings her husband back from the dead using the experimental skin he'd developed. 


Dr Dee and the Queen (Family Action, 105 pages)

Queen Elizabeth I is kidnapped and only one man - the world’s first spy - can stop her being replaced by a Papist imposter.


Fatal Guidance (Erotic Thriller, 100 pages)

A loving, but unfulfilled, wife seeks help from a sociopathic marriage guidance counsellor who's advice leads to deadly consequences.


Drone Run (SciFi, 90 pages)

A stranger has a mission given to him by his dying love, a mission everyone else is trying to stop.


The Lost Reel (Family Adventure, 100 Pages)

Upon finding a long-forgotten film reel in a yard sale, a boy and his Grandpa head off on a quest to Japan to reunite the two halves of the film.


Suffer the Children (Thriller, 90 pages)

Troubled siblings must confront their abusive father when he escapes prison and returns to exact a brutal revenge.


Visiting Day (Horror, 95 pages)

A gutsy female cop must save the survivors, and her partner, when the undead inmates of a secure facility escape during a power cut.

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