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Short scripts - Romance & Comedy

Available scripts (Click on the title for script details)

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If you have an idea or concept you'd like to discuss then feel free to contact me

Fairytale  (Romantic Drama, 10 pages) OWC runner-up   REVIEW  SOLD

A divorcing couple argue on the way to see their lawyers, but a little magic inteferes.


Zoom (Erotic Thriller, 10 pages) REVIEW

A couple's illicit affair is forced to go virtual due to a pesky global pandemic.

Cannibals do Masterchef (Comedy/Horror, 10 pages)

Masterchef with a comedy gore twist.


Something for the Weekend (Comedy, 10 pages)

A desperate driver has to jump through hoops to get his car back.


Don't Mess with the Michelin Man (Animated Fantasy, 5 pages)

A pair of gnomes go one a quest to save their friend.

What's Your Emergency? (Comedy, 5 pages)

A mobster wakes to find himself stuck in a coffin, then his day gets worse.


A Place of Worship (Action/Comedy, 5 pages)

All hell breaks loose when an avid collector visits an unusual strip club.


The Foul Case of the Feculent Fiend (Comedy, 5 pages)

Holmes and Watson battle a fiendish enemy in the sewers.


Swedish Number (Romantic Comedy, 10 pages) OPTIONED

A lonely Londoner reaches out to a random voice on the phone.


Parties by Leo (Comedy, 8 pages)

The world's most famous artist and inventor had a secret life...


The L Equation (Romantic Drama, 10 pages)  REVIEW

A talented mathematician slaves on an equation that could change the face of humanity..


Today on the Jeremiah Bile Show (Dark Comedy, 7 pages)

An enslaved teen takes her parents onto a daytime talk show to stop the abuse.


Through Glass Darkly (Dark Comedy, 10 pages)

Gary really needs Google Glass but his Romany wife would rather have a sofa.


Ciaran de Bergerac (Dramedy, 10 pages) 

A techno twist on the classic tale - star crossed lovers meet in a cafe for a first date.


Fridge Feeder (Dark Comedy/Drama, 10 pages)

A desperate woman turns to an AI fridge to help her diet, the fridge has other ideas.