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Short scripts - Sci-Fi

Available scripts (Click on the title for script details)

Please click on the script Title for additional info and a link to  the script itself.


If you have an idea or concept you'd like to discuss then feel free to contact me

iRobot (SciFi Action, 10 pages) REVIEW

A war veteran finds himself in a fight to the death with a deranged household appliance.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea - (SciFi 7 pages)
Marines on a mission and find something unexpected beneath the waves.

In Loving Memory (SciFi/Drama, 3 pages)

A woman scorned exacts an everlasting revenge.


Terms & Conditions (SciFi Horror, 7 pages) REVIEW - OPTIONED

A desperate dash to answer a call of nature leads to an unexpected diagnosis.


Shifted (SciFi, 6 pages)

Sometimes the price of progress is greater than can be imagined.


The Bridge (SciFi, 5 pages)

A pair of time-travellers are sent back to stop a crime.


Ripples (SciFi, 5 pages)

Time travel to correct the future has unexpected consequences.


Connected (SciFi, 7 pages) REVIEW - OPTIONED

What if the point of singularity has already happened.


Dog Years (SciFi, 5 Pages) REVIEW

The barrier guards at the Large Hadron Collider make a strange discovery that makes them stop and wonder... just for a moment.


Ouija  (Horror Comedy, 8 pages) 

Friends get more than they bargained for when the hook a Ouija board up to a 3D printer.


Fridge Feeder (Dark Comedy/Drama/Sci-Fi, 10 pages)

A desperate woman turns to an AI fridge to help her diet, the fridge has other ideas.