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Short Stories

I've written a ton of short stories over the years.

Most were published in small press magazines that don't exist anymore, a couple even got honourable mentions in Years Best Fantasy & Horror - but they were never collected together.


Until Now - finally available on a Kindle near you!

Subterrene cover a

Swaddling Clothed


Ben couldn't be more excited!

His Grandad is taking him to the fairground, Mum and Dad leaving the boys to it in favour of their own date night.

But where is the missing child that's been plastered all over the papers and what secrets does the fairgound hold?









Alan is in paradise, well Mauritius - which is very close.

The island holiday is just what he needs to re-charge his batteries and soak up some sun.

But could the locals really be this friendly and how did they all manage to speak so many languages?