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Feature scripts

If you'd like to see the full script for any of my Feature, or have an idea or concept you'd like to discuss then feel free to contact me

Dr Psycho's Night of Terror (Horror/Comedy, 95 pages)

A possessed 3D printer resurrects Dr Psycho and some of his dead friends, just in time to seriously screw with the opening night at Land of Illusions.

Runner up in Visceral Films/Land of Illusions/BAO Productions international script contest and now OPTIONED by Visceral Films


Graft (SciFi/Horror, 95 pages)  

A grieving widow brings her husband back from the dead using the experimental artificial skin he'd developed, while his murderer tries to discover the secret of the grafts and exploit the invention for himself.

Finalist in Emerging Screenwriters & now OPTIONED by producer Robert Stock


The Lost Reel (Family Adventure, 100 Pages)

Upon finding a long-forgotten film reel in a yard sale, a boy and his Grandpa head off on a quest to Japan to reunite the two halves of the film, pursued every step of the way by an unscrupulous film collector.


Suffer the Children (Thriller, 90 pages)

Troubled siblings had thwarted their abusive Father when they were mere children, but now must confront him once more when he escapes prison and returns to exact a brutal revenge.


Visiting Day (Horror, 95 pages)

A gutsy female cop must save the survivors, and her partner, when the undead inmates of a secure facility escape during a power cut.

Available scripts