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Short scripts - Horror & Sci-Fi

Please click on the script Title for additional info and a link to  the script itself.


If you have an idea or concept you'd like to discuss then feel free to contact me

Available scripts (Click on the title for script details)

iRobot (SciFi Action, 10 pages) REVIEW

A war veteran finds himself in a fight to the death with a deranged household appliance.


Night Train (Horror, 9 pages)

A horny but frustrated teenager decides to prank his girlfriend.


Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secure (Horror, 8 pages) Runner Up SimplyScripts OWC

A man discovers that his fears could be a blessing when a late night cab ride.


Bump in the Night (Horror, 8 pages) REVIEW

A foul mouthed burglar picks the wrong house and the wrong couple to mess with.


Glitch (SciFi Horror, 15 pages) REVIEW Winner Nashville Film Festival screenwriting comp

A desperate wife takes extreme measures to save her husband. SOLD


Your Turn (Horror, 7 pages)

The babysitter's cheating at games is very unpopular.


Haptic  (Horror, 5 pages)

A loving wife regrets getting her husband a smart watch for their anniversary.


Pond Life  (Horror, 7 pages)

Tales of a strange creature entice two young friends to set off on an expedition.


Ouija  (Horror Comedy, 8 pages) REVIEW

Friends get more than they bargained for when the hook a Ouija board up to a 3D printer.


Dog Years (Comedy SciFi, 5 pages) REVIEW

Guards at the Large Hadron Collider make an odd discovery, could it be from the future?


Father's Girl (Horror/Dark Fantasy, 10 pages)

A young teen struggles to cope with her harridan of a Mother, and her estranged Father.


Love Locked  (Dark Horror/Thriller, 10 pages)  

Susie notices the first love lock on the bridge and tries to discover who put it there.


Grab Me  (Horror, 7 pages)

A girl's dreams come true when Dad wins a her new doll, but maybe it's a nightmare?


Terminal Z (Horror, 5 pages)

It's amazing what lengths people will go to... to cheat death.


Doormat Smiles (Dark Drama/Horror, 15 pages)

S&M photos drop through the letterbox and set off a search for who's in the photos & why.


Fridge Feeder (Dark Comedy/Drama/Sci-Fi, 10 pages)

A desperate woman turns to an AI fridge to help her diet, the fridge has other ideas.