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Short scripts - Horror

Please click on the script Title for additional info and a link to  the script itself.


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Available scripts (Click on the title for script details)


Gondolier (Horror, 10 pages)

A power engineer must fight for his life after a zombie horde chases him.


Heart of the Matter (Horror, 5 pages)

A jeweler sets out to retrieve his treasured possession, from the graveyard.


CC (Horror, 6 pages) REVIEW

An Augmented Reality ghost hunt hits close to home.


Mayday (Horror, 5 pages)

A plane crash quickly escalates when a massive salt-water crocodile appears.


Rear View (Horror, 4 pages) REVIEW

A tech obsessed driver gets a shock from his reversing camera.


txt me l8r (Horror, 7 pages)

A disconnected teen receives an unwanted friend request.


Sin Eater (Horror/Dark Drama, 7 pages)

A grieving husband goes to extreme lengths to cleanse the soul of his wife.


Cell Mates (Horror, 6 pages) 

A new inmate discovers she has a lot more to worry about than just her new cell mate.


Night Train (Horror, 9 pages)

A horny but frustrated teenager decides to prank his girlfriend.


Song of the Sea (Horror, 9 pages)

A midnight raid goes horribly wrong as the tables are turned on the attackers.


Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secure (Horror, 8 pages) REVIEW

A man discovers that his fears could be a blessing when a late night cab ride.


Bump in the Night (Horror, 8 pages) REVIEW

A foul mouthed burglar picks the wrong house and the wrong couple to mess with.


Your Turn (Horror, 7 pages)

The babysitter's cheating at games is very unpopular.


Pond Life (Horror, 7 pages)

Tales of a strange creature entice two young friends to set off on an expedition.


Ouija  (Horror Comedy, 8 pages) 

Friends get more than they bargained for when the hook a Ouija board up to a 3D printer.


Love Locked (Dark Horror/Thriller, 10 pages)  

Susie notices the first love lock on the bridge and tries to discover who put it there.


Grab Me  (Horror, 7 pages)

A girl's dreams come true when Dad wins a her new doll, but maybe it's a nightmare?


Terminal Z (Horror, 5 pages)

It's amazing what lengths people will go to... to cheat death.


Doormat Smiles (Dark Drama/Horror, 15 pages)

S&M photos drop through the letterbox and set off a search for who's in the photos & why.


Tomino (Horror/Dark Drama, 8 Pages)

School friends dare each other to take on an urban legend.