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Micro Short scripts (1-3 Pages)

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Available scripts (Click on the title for script details)

It's A...  (Drama, 3 pages) REVIEW

At the end of the world there's still time for a human gesture to shine through.


Frecklebug (Children, 3 pages)

A father reassures his daughter about her freckles and the special place they come from.


SatNav (Horror/Thriller, 1 Page) REVIEW

A woman's infidelity takes her on an unexpected journey.


1 New Alert (SciFi, 1 Page)

A time-traveller starts the journey that could rescue the future.


Motion Sensor (Horror/Thriller, 2 Pages) REVIEW - SOLD

An outdoor security light makes this homeowner feel much less secure.


Pools (Children, 2 Pages)

The missing fairies may be closer to home than this little girl things.


Lily (Horror, 2 Pages)

The purchase of a funeral plant reveals sinister undertones.


Press 1 for... (Horror/Thriller, 2 Pages) PRODUCED

A telephone centre operator takes a call from a strange customer.