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My Films

I have a number of scripts in various stages of production, as they are made I'll update their status/links on this page, they'll end up on my IMDB page at some point.

In addition I've made my first film - TXT M - you can see that here too.

Forgive Me Father in pre-production in New York.


Heartbeat - Bought by Notice of Filming.


Swedish Number - Optioned by filmmaker in Ireland.


Connected = Optioned by a Director in Italy.






Pre and Post Production


First Kiss - By Stearns Media Group. WATCH HERE


Press 1 for... by David McCarrison. WATCH HERE


Let Me In - By Northeast Film Group Kansas City. WATCH HERE


Flowers - By Ozcorp Films for micro-short competition. WATCH HERE


Disruption - By Malhar Patel and now on festival circut. WATCH HERE


Tattooji - By Vintage Productions WATCH HERE


TXT M - I filmed this myself from a concept I then scripted. WATCH HERE


Ghost Light - By Woods Films at the Royal Hippodrome in Eastbourne. WATCH HERE


Head to Head - A short sketch done for reddit. WATCH HERE

Filming/Post Production 


A Certain Romance - In post.


Fairytale - In post.


Press 1 for... - Second version in  post.