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April 2021

Interview with Jeremy Andrews and Casey McDougal, co-founders of WoAccelerator HERE 


March 2021

New short, Zoom, added. 10 page Erotic Thriller.


November 2020

Short script 'Swedish Number' optioned by a filmmaker in Ireland.


Short Script 'Connected' Optioned by a filmmaker in Italy for 2021 production.


More new short scripts added - A Place of Worship, The Bridge, The Foul Case of the Feculent Fiend, Gondolier and Mayday.


Fatal Guidance, erotic thriller now available to option or purchase.


New scripts added to the site, Terms & Conditions, CC, So Little Done So Much to Do, Gift Horse, Connected, Something for the Weekend, Shifted, With a Shake of the Head and Doomsday for Denton.


September 2020

Connected - Runner up of the One Week Challenge on Simply Scripts.


August 2020

Runner up in the Writer's Tournament on Simply Scripts.


June 2020

Terms & Conditions - Winner of the One Week Challenge on Simply Scripts.