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September 2019

Cell Mates optioned by a producer in Holland


August 2019

Frecklebug optioned to be turned into an animated short.


March 2019

A producer in India has optioned eight of my shorts to feature in a web-series.


November 2018

My micro-shorts, Motion Sensor and Press 1 for... have been bought by producer in LA and the UK respectively.


September 2018

My script Ciaran de Bergerac has been picked up by a producer in India.


June 2018

My short scripts Bump in the Night and Twisted Smile have been optioned for use in the Horror Anthology Feature - The Visit.


April 2018

My feature script, Suffer the Children, optioned by a filmmaker in India.

Ten new short scripts published.


March 2018

Glitch accepted at Nashville Film Fest and SciFi London.

Drone Run goes into pre-production.