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July 2021

A new version of the short film has been created, check it out on Youtube.


June 2021

My short script, Forgive me Father, has been sold to a filmmaker in New York.


April 2021

Interview with Jeremy Andrews and Casey McDougal, co-founders of WoAccelerator HERE 


March 2021

New short, Zoom, added. 10 page Erotic Thriller.


November 2020

Short script 'Swedish Number' optioned by a filmmaker in Ireland.


Short Script 'Connected' Optioned by a filmmaker in Italy for 2021 production.


More new short scripts added - A Place of Worship, The Bridge, The Foul Case of the Feculent Fiend, Gondolier and Mayday.


New scripts added to the site, Terms & Conditions, CC, So Little Done So Much to Do, Gift Horse, Connected, Something for the Weekend, Shifted, With a Shake of the Head and Doomsday for Denton.


September 2020

Connected - Runner up of the One Week Challenge on Simply Scripts.


June 2020

Terms & Conditions - Winner of the One Week Challenge on Simply Scripts.